New Zealand Workshops for 2018

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Heroes Workshop in Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland


Sponsored by the Hearing Voices Network, New Zealand.
Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona and Barbara Mainguy

"Stories to Awaken Your Inner Hero"



Where:Newtown Cultural Community Centre, Cnr Rintoul and Colombo Sts, Newtown, Wellington

Restrictions:All Ages

Ticket Information:

  • General Admission: $103.50 ($100.00 + $3.50 fees)
  • VH: $10.00
  • General Admission: $83.00 ($80.00 + $3.00 fees)
  • Student: $33.00 ($30.00 + $3.00 fees)
  • Early Bird General Admission: $93.00 ($90.00 + $3.00 fees)
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From USA, we present Associate Professor of Family Medicine, Author, Integrated Practitioner, Lewis Mehl Madrona MD PHD and Barbara Mainguy MA and psychotherapist from the Coyote Institute, for an transformative day workshop.


We are all familiar with superheroes, war heroes, and heroes of myths and legends, but we don't often focus on our everyday heroism. Heroism occurs when we take action to improve the world, or our lives in the face of uncertainty.

This program uses Heroic stories from New Zealand and Australia, the South Pacific, indigenous North America,and Japan to explore what it means to be heroic. Familiar characters like Coyote, Maui, and Glouscape just might make an appearance,

Interactive: Come and join us for a fun and transformatiive day. We will work toward personal and world change through writing, drawing, movement, singing and dialogue- To awaken your Inner Hero. You don't need to be an artist to fully participate in these activities.

Why should you attend?: This workshop is for anyone who wants to foster transformation in others, in their community, or in themselves. It is for storytellers, therapists, healers people who experiences other realities e.g voices & visions, . All are welcome.

We work with story. Story is the way we make meaning of the world. Story is a metaphor for human adaptation.

"Hearing and telling stories are integral to healing. When hearing stores about healing from people who seem like us, we become inspired to believe that our own healing is possible."
—Lewis Mehl-Madrona

Storyteller, Native American healer, and graduate of the Stanford University School of Medicine, Lewis Mehl-Madrona is a visionary in the field of narrative medicine, and an unsung hero of the integrative health movement in the United States.

Far ahead of his time, Lewis was propagating the role of story in healing—since he graduated from Stanford in 1975. He’s also a celebrated writer who has been keenly observing our climate of healing and medicine.

Lewis has carried a heavy clinical load of patients for almost 40 years, and knows firsthand what it means to use story with individual patients, day in and day out. And, as an American Indian from the Cherokee and Lakota tribes, he is committed to the ritual, magic, and spirituality of the Native American tradition, and layers everything he does with that perspective. In his work, he explores the role of story and community in the healing process again and again.

Barbara Mainguy is a drama therapist and psychotherapist who has worked with Lewis since 2006.  She is especially interested in working with people who are having extraordinary experiences and in dialogical self-therapy, indigenous style.

List Of Books they have authored:

Remapping the mind- the neuroscience of transformation through story;
Coyote Medicine
Coyote Healing- Miracles in Native Medicine
Coyote Wisdom- The power of story in healing
Healing the mind through story- The promise of Narrative Psychiatry
Native American healing Meditations-Guided practices to invoke the spirit of healing
The Spirit of Healing- Stories, Wisdom and Practices from Native America

Brought to you by Hearing Voices Network Aotearoa NZ- an idnependent charity.
Bookings are essential as spaces are limited.

Details on the time and location for Christchurch and Auckland


Where:Oxford Terrace Baptist Church, 286 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch



Where:Mt Eden War Memorial Hall, 487 Dominion Rd, Balmoral, Auckland


Connecting with Ceremony & Ancestors


Where:Fickling Convention Centre, 546 Mt Albert Road, Three Kings, Auckland

Restrictions:All Ages

Ticket Information:

  • General Admission: $106.00 ($100.00 + $6.00 fees)
  • VH: $10.25 ($10.00 + $0.25 fees)
  • General Admission: $85.00 ($80.00 + $5.00 fees)
  • Student: $33.75 ($30.00 + $3.75 fees)
  • Early Bird General Admission: $95.25 ($90.00 + $5.25 fees)
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How we connect and create meaningful relationships with nature, our surroundings, and how we stay in right relationship, are important features of our mental wellbeing. 

Be apart of this special day of learning how to connect and work with nature and the ancestors of the land and of our lives. You will discover ways to heal your heart, create and hold ceremony for the voices of our ancestor helpers, and explore ways of keeping the door of ceremony open in your life. When we heal ourselves, we heal 7 generations back and 7 generations forward.

"Conventional therapies have neglected opportunities to facilitate a profound change within a short period of time. They have also ignored the power of ceremony and ritual in treatment. Ceremonies couple the patient's intention to heal with the power of belief and faith in the ceremonial process. They lead to peak experiences that kindle insight into our condition and increase our belief in our own abilities and capabilities. "
- Lewis Mehl-Madrona

Websites for finding more information and registering:

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