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Welcome to my world. I want to share my writing (books, essays, scientific papers), lectures and talks, podcasts, videos, and teaching. Since medical school, I have aimed to celebrate indigenous culture, knowledge, and wisdom, particularly that of North America, and to show how contemporary health care practices can be enriched through the inclusion of these ideas.  I have spoken about traditional healing, about how psychotherapy and medicine can be modified to include the insights of indigenous people.  I have written about narrative medicine as a means by which storied indigenous practices enter contemporary medicine and psychology.  I have written about dialogical self-theory and therapy as a contemporary parallel to the self-theory of indigenous cultures.  I explore how we can train new doctors to be simultaneously humanistic, narrative, and evidence-based. Lately, I have helped start a medical arts and humanities fellowship in conjunction with the University of Maine and Eastern Maine Medical Center, and am focusing more on how the arts enrich medicine and can be used as research and therapy.

How to Reach me:

PO Box 277

Orono, Maine 04473

Cell phone: 808-772-1099

If I don't respond in 24-48 hours, text me!


Lewis Mehl-Madrona and Barbara Mainguy


Faculty Physician, Eastern Maine Medical Center Family Medicine Residency, Bangor, Maine

Associate Professor of Family Medicine, University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, Biddeford, Maine

Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont

Executive Director, Coyote Institute, Orono, Maine

Instructor, Department of Intermedia and Maine Medical Arts and Humanities Program, University of Maine, Orono

Brief Biography

Lewis Mehl-Madrona M.D., Ph.D. (Cherokee and Lakota heritage) is the author of several books, including the “Coyote” Trilogy (Coyote Medicine, Coyote Healing, and Coyote Wisdom), Narrative Medicine, Healing the Mind through the Power of Story, and The Neuroscience of Transformation through Story (with Barbara Mainguy). His work discusses healing practices from North American indigenous perspectives and how they intersect with conventional medicine via a social constructionist model. He has been writing about the use of imagery and narrative in healing since the 1980s and is certified in psychiatry, geriatrics, and family medicine. His research collaborations include work on the psychology of pregnancy and birthing, nutritional approaches to autism and diabetes, the use of healing circles to improve mental health, and the outcomes of people with illnesses who work with traditional healers. He has been affiliated with Dartmouth University, Union Institute and University (Brattleboro, VT), the University of Hawaii, the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Pittsburgh, and Stanford University, where he obtained his degree in medicine. During his career, he has worked in residency training programs, in rural emergency medicine, and in psychiatric settings, as well as working on reservations and with tribes. He has also published over 100 papers in refereed journals. Lewis, and his colleague and wife Barbara, live in Bangor, Maine, where he is currently affiliated with the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine and the University of Vermont College of Medicine. He practices medicine at Eastern Maine Medical Center and Acadia Hospital in Bangor and is the Director of Coyote Institute for Studies of Change and Transformation.  He has recently become an Instructor with the Intermedia Department's Medical Arts and Humanities Program at the University of Maine.  

What's next?

I recently gave a talk about North American indigenous plant medicine that's available at this link to view:


Coming soon, we will be in San Diego, California; Alice Springs, Australia; and Scotts Valley, California (near Santa Cruz). Contact me for more information or visit my web pages at Upcoming Events.